AAT Business Centre, Mandalay
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Software House
AAT is proud of its products which usually simplify the business procedures for the sake of practicality and efficiency. The very distinctive feature of its software is Simplicity. Users feel it simple because they can understand how to use it easily. And it is because of its simple format and written in most common language (Myanmar) that user friendliness and customization are its advantages. 

SimplAcc 2007 Series
- Cash Book System
- Stock Control System

Our Prominent Customers
    - Cho Cho Phyu Garment Trading (http://www.chochophyu.com)
    - Mauriya Traditional Medicine (http://www.mauriya.com)
    - Theingar Nadi Cruise (http://www.theingarnadi.com )
    - Mann Myanmar Construction
    - PMA Mandalay
    - Ma Nilar Paints
    - Chu Yint General Trading
    - Shwe Nan Taw Store
    - Aye Thukha Rice Trading
    - Swann Ah Ironwares
    - Nan Store (Mogoke)

Since 2001
No.B-3, Between 77th & 78th Street, Between 32nd & 33rd Street. Near Ray World Complex, Mandalay, Myanmar. Telephone : (952) 69362