AAT Business Centre, Mandalay
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AAT Business Centre, Mandalay About AAT Business Centre
AAT stands for its own meaning, Ability, Aspiration and Technology. It is the entire objective of the founder that people who join AAT must be able, highly aspired and competent in technology.

It was founded in April of 2001 to provide ICT solutions and Human Resource Development Training to meet the organizations’ needs. Ranging from the basic ICT courses to the International Diploma courses, AAT supports the national policy of Human Resource Development. Employment School is one of the units of AAT which provide well-trained staff to fit for the purpose of the organizational requirements. AAT is famous for its software house which has successfully launched several products, some of which are customized software.

Joining the Business Courses of AAT is popular among the students and young entrepreneurs who will take the leading roles of their organizations in the future. AAT’s engineering design course is always chosen by the engineering students as the best. Its graphic design course is always full of class because of its unique course design.

Career Development program for some specific skills at AAT is taken as the special training by some organizations. By providing the multi-proficiency to the regional organizations, it becomes the leading ICT Business Centre in Mandalay. It is an Institute with a National and International reputation for developing Human Resources that meet the needs of the employers, for working closely with organizations to provide students with relevant, practical teaching that greatly enhances career prospects.

Since 2001
No.B-3, Between 77th & 78th Street, Between 32nd & 33rd Street. Near Ray World Complex, Mandalay, Myanmar. Telephone : (952) 69362